What is centrino mobile technology?

Answer When Intel designed Centrino Mobile Technology, it intended to change the rules of mobile computing. Centrino was new from the ground up, rather than just an adaptation of an existing CPU for lapto... Read More »

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What is Centrino technology?

Centrino technology is a product of the Intel Corporation designed to enable optimal wireless communication.InceptionIntel Corporation first introduced Centrino technology in early 2003.Intel Corpo... Read More »

What is mobile technology?

Mobile technology is defined as any portable device that can store, transfer or manipulate data into a new form. Thanks to recent advancements, millions upon millions of people worldwide are using ... Read More »

What is AMD Turion 64 mobile technology?

Turion is the brand name for the mobile series of microprocessors produced by Advanced Micro Devices. The number 64 refers to the number of bits the processor can handle at one time.Mobile Computin... Read More »

What are the benefits of mobile technology?

If you have a cell phone or a laptop, you are taking advantage of the benefits of mobile technology already. If you are "on the go" all the time, you probably rely heavily on mobile devices to help... Read More »