Can a flu shot cause cellulitis?

Answer Yes, there can be a local infection from a contaminated needle from a flu shot and that would be called cellulitis. However, many people can get a red, sore, slightly swollen area at the flu inject... Read More »

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Is There Any Way to Get Rid of Scars From Cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a skin infection that usually occurs because bacteria have gotten into the body through open cuts or sores, but it can also develop in other ways. According to, people who h... Read More »

How to Treat Cellulitis?

Your skin has bacteria living on it regardless of how much you wash it. An infection such as cellulitis can develop when your skin breaks due to a cut, scrape or injury. Cellulitis occurs when bact... Read More »

Can arthritis cause cellulitis?

On One Hand: Arthritis Does Not Cause CellulitisCellulitis is a potentially dangerous infection caused by the entry of harmful bacteria through disturbances in the surface of the skin, according to... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself From Cellulitis?

Everyone is susceptible to contracting cellulitis, but certain people are more at risk based on medical conditions that are associated with the skin. Regardless of your medical history, you should ... Read More »