What is cellophane tape?

Answer Cellophane tape is just another name for transparent tape or Scotch tape. The term has been fading from use since 3M, the company that developed clear tape, quit using the word "cellophane" in its ... Read More »

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When was the first cellophane invented?

Cellophane was invented in 1908 by Jacques Brandenberger, a Swiss chemist. Brandenberger was employed in a French textile factory and was working on a project to create a stain-proof tablecloth. He... Read More »

Who invented cellophane&when?

Cellophane was invented in 1908 by Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger. Brandenberger originally set out to discover a clear, waterproof film to adhere to cloth but realized that cellophane had man... Read More »

When was cellophane discovered?

Jacques E. Brandenberger developed cellophane from wood cellulose for the first time in 1908. He was researching coatings that would make cloth more stain resistant. DuPont bought the U.S. rights i... Read More »

Who invented cellophane?

Jacques E. Brandenberger invented cellophane in 1908. To create the material, Brandenberger used wood cellulose, from which he also derived the name of his invention. Brandenberger sold the rights ... Read More »