What is cellophane tape?

Answer Cellophane tape is just another name for transparent tape or Scotch tape. The term has been fading from use since 3M, the company that developed clear tape, quit using the word "cellophane" in its ... Read More »

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What is cellophane made of?

Cellophane is regenerated cellulose, derived from plants and trees, specifically wood and cotton pulps that have been digested in several chemical baths to remove the impurities. Plasticizing chemi... Read More »

What is a cellophane rinse?

Cellophane hair treatments are use to help strengthen damaged or weak hair and the hair shaft. It also makes the hair shine. The treatment got its name as the idea is similar to wrapping hair in sa... Read More »

What year was cellophane invented?

Cellophane was invented in 1908 by Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger. He first developed the thin, viscous film to waterproof tablecloths. These tablecloths didn't sell but Brandenberger saw pote... Read More »

What Is Cellophane Made From?

Cellophane owes its existence to a Swiss scientist working in a French textile company. In 1908, Jacques Brandenberger was hoping to find a way to make a stain-proof tablecloth. He covered cloth wi... Read More »