What is cayenne pepper sauce?

Answer Cayenne pepper sauce is a spicy condiment used to give heat and flavor to a dish. The sauce is available in many forms, such as mild, hot, paste form or vinegar-based.PeppersCayenne is an umbrella ... Read More »

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Should i add cayenne pepper to my marinara sauce for spaghetti and meatballs?

I like a little kick to my marinara sauce but I get it by adding some fennel and crushed red pepper - you know, the stuff they put on the table at pizza places in shakers.For enough sauce for spagh... Read More »

What is the difference between cayenne pepper&red pepper?

The cayenne pepper is the red ripe fruit of the capsicum plant, according to the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. In its powdered form, it is called red pepper.Other names of the cayenne pe... Read More »

Is cayenne pepper the same as ground red pepper?

Both ground red pepper and cayenne pepper come from the same pepper fruit. Generally, the spice is called "cayenne pepper" when it is ground into a fine powder, and it's called "red pepper" when it... Read More »

Is red pepper the same thing as cayenne pepper?

Red pepper is a coloquial, umbrella term that can refer to a variety of peppers belonging to the genus capsicum. The spice cayenne pepper is derived from red chili peppers that fall into this categ... Read More »