What is cayenne fruit used for?

Answer If you like spicy food, chances are you've had cayenne pepper fairly often. Not only does this ingredient give your meals a 'kick,' but cayenne fruit has a number of health benefits as well. Adding... Read More »

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What are cayenne fruit capsules used for?

Cayenne pepper in various forms has been used for centuries to treat a variety of conditions and diseases. However, recent studies show that this home remedy may be even more valuable than first t... Read More »

What is cayenne pepper used for?

Cayenne pepper is used as a heat-adding spice in many dishes. It is also used in the field of alternative medicine to provide relief from many ailments. It can be found in topical creams that are i... Read More »

Cayenne Fruit Tabs for Prostate Problems?

Cayenne fruit, also known as cayenne pepper, is used in many herbal formulas intended to address prostate problems. According to Mercer University School of Medicine, problems with the prostate can... Read More »

What fruit is used in kirsch?

Kirsch liqueur is made from the distilled juice of the black morello cherry. The cherries may be either sweet or sour. Kirsch is produced in Germany, France and Switzerland, and is also known as ki... Read More »