What is a cavalry?

Answer Before the motorized vehicle was invented, "cavalry" was a common term for military units consisting of mounted riders. The most common animals for cavalry were horses or camels. The mounted soldie... Read More »

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What does CS mean on a cavalry rosette?

CS on a cavalry rosette stands for Confederate States, indicating that the rosette is a collectible from the Civil War. Such rosettes were often part of the bridles of cavalry horses. They were oft... Read More »

Can women join the 1st cavalry Division. If can what job?

A division is a very large formation, ranging from about 10,000 to 15,000 personnel. Not every unit in an infantry division will be infantry, nor will every unit in a cav division be cavalry - they... Read More »

What US Horse Cavalry units served during World War 2?

None really, at least not as horse cavalry. The Army had two horse cavalry divisions when the war in Europe began in 1939. Two days after the war started, General Marshall took over as Chief of Sta... Read More »

Where do cavalry scouts go for AIT?

Cavalry scouts go for Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Advanced Individual Training is part of a 16-week One Station Unit Training (OSUT) program. According to the U.S. Ar... Read More »