What is causing this?

Answer Its a nerve...I get it all the time, and I know its because of the damage I have in my back.*

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Do you know what's causing this?

This is a high-fat meal, because of the processed meat and cheese on the pizza, and the milk. Combined with the high-fibre potato wedges, probably your digestive system couldn't cope on this occasi... Read More »

What could be causing this?

Reenie, call the doctor tomorrow and get checked. It could be a dozen things I can think of, and dozens more I can't think of, or it may be nothing. But you need to get it investigated...please.

What is causing these headaches?

Your blood sugar would probably have been very low and the sudden intake of that much sugar would have sent you spinning. It sounds like your okay to have a bit of icing or something, but a lot of ... Read More »

What's causing me to see weird?

It means you are getting a migraine headache. Your doctor may prescribe some medication that will cut short your suffering, otherwise lie down in a darkened room until you feel better. Sometimes th... Read More »