What is causing the rash on my face?

Answer A rash (dermatitis) on the face is hard to miss. It might be caused by allergies, illnesses, skin conditions, insect bites and more. To determine the cause, you may need to play detective or consul... Read More »

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How do I Keep Earring Backs From Changing Colors & Causing Ear Rash?

Discoloration of earrings and earring backs is a common problem. Unless your jewelry is made from top-of-the-line material, such as gold or surgical steel, there is a potential for discoloration an... Read More »

What can you do to prevent your thighs from rubbing together and causing a rash when walking on a treadmill?

Wrap affected area (shave hair) in athletic tape. This is only a temporary solution until muscle tone or weightloss fixes the problem.Answer Try and use vaseline to coat the inner thighs. Baby powd... Read More »

What could be causing a rash on torso at a specific time every year such as in August in northern Minnesota?

AnswerI also live in Northern Minnesota, and my allergies are at their worst in August. This is when grass pollen is at its peak. I'm not sure if this is what you're allergic to, but this gives me ... Read More »

What can I use on my face for a rash?

When deciding which treatment to use for a rash on the face, the cause must first be determined. In some cases, home treatment may be used. If the rash affects the nose or lips, seek medical advice... Read More »