What is causing my vertigo?

Answer Vertigo is a sensation of movement or perceived movement of surroundings when there is no actual movement. It often results in feelings of spinning, whirling or falling. Vertigo can cause balancin... Read More »

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Vertigo or something else?

That sounds like vertigo - but the question is why. Hospitals can have that affect on people actually, I've know people who get ill just walking through a door at the hospital. And that can be fro... Read More »

Why do i have vertigo?

Vertigo, or dizziness, is a bodily sensation characterized by balance disturbance and perceived whirling or spinning in relation to one's surroundings. There are a number of potential underlying co... Read More »

New Vertigo Treatment?

In the 1990s a treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, the most common kind of vertigo, emerged and gained wide acceptance. The Epley maneuver, as it is called, was created by Dr. John ... Read More »

What is visual vertigo?

Visual vertigo is an effect of some balance disorders that causes an individual to become dizzy or disoriented in certain surroundings. There are a number of triggers that can cause an individual t... Read More »