What is causing my gums to be swollen?

Answer Get a panoramic x ray. Then you'll know for sure what's going on. Otherwise there is no way to know for sure.

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What is causing me to get little holes on the gums of my mouth?

Its a mouth ulcer. Go see a doctor. They told me to mix liquid allergy relief and some kind of chalky stuff then swish it in my mouth a few times a day. Haha

Swollen gums............?

A good clean, floss and mouthwash. It may just be something you ate stuck in the gum. If it doesn't get better you may need to see a dentist, but I find the clean etc tends to take it down.

Make gums less swollen red !?

Its okay, my dentist told me that about 70% of British people have a mild gum disease, so really you're not alone, even I had swollen gums while having braces.What you do is make sure you brush pro... Read More »

Gums swollen in one particular spot?

It sounds like gingivitis. Brushing better and flossing every day are an absolute must or this will get worse and spread to all of your gums. Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a da... Read More »