How do I caulk with polyurethane caulk?

Answer Prepare the Caulk JointRemove dirt and loose paint from the caulk joint by running a paint scraper along both sides of the joint. Use a brass bristle wire brush to remove smaller particles and rust... Read More »

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What Caulk to Get for a Hot Tub?

Caulk keeps water where it belongs, acting as both a glue and a sealant in damp environments. Loose or damaged caulking must be removed and replaced to prevent water damage. Does th... Read More »

How do I caulk a new tub?

Prepare the CaulkUse caulk designed specifically for bathrooms because it will form a more waterproof barrier. Cut the tip of the caulk tube at a 45-degree angle using a utility knife. Load the tub... Read More »

Do you always know what caulk is best for the job?

Hi. depends on what your using it for but a all round good caulk is...…Hope this helps

How do I fix too much caulk?

Use Your FingertipUse your fingertip to remove excess caulk after you run a bead. Begin at the top of the bead, and use your index finger to gently wipe down the entire length of the bead. Wipe the... Read More »