Who Sings Cat Scratch Fever?

Answer Ted Nugent

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Who discovered cat scratch fever?

Henri Parinaud first referenced the characteristics of this disease in 1889. Dr. Robert Debré, however, was actually the first to identify the cat as the cause of the illness and named the condit... Read More »

How do I know if my child has cat scratch fever?

I need more info. Cat scratch fever is pretty rare in our hygienic world. If their is an obvious scratch on her, keep it really clean and put antibiotic on it and cover it. with a bandage or gauz... Read More »

Does cat scratch fever turn all of its victims into conservatives, like it did to Ted Nugent, or only some of?

Is a fever a defense mechanism for the human body. What will happen if a fever is allowed to run it's course?

According to Homeopathy, a fever IS the body's defense against bacteria or viruses. Some bacteria and viruses can not survive in very warm temperatures so this is the body's way of "cooking" it to... Read More »