Is it too casual to wear flip-flips to an office with a casual dress code?

Answer If the flip flops are rubber or the ones you would wear at the beach or gardening then yes to casual, but I have nice sandals that have no backs and go in between the toes that I think would be con... Read More »

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What is dress casual attire?

Casual attire is a style of clothing appropriate for relaxed gatherings and events. Clothing and footwear of casual attire are usually inexpensive and can be purchased at chain retailers and variet... Read More »

What is the best casual dress?

On One Hand: Casual DressThere are several variations of casual dress including business casual and sportswear casual. The best casual dress combines formal items with casual. Jeans are no longer c... Read More »

What is hawaiian casual dress?

Hawaii is the closest thing you will find to a tropical paradise in the United States. It probably helps that the archipelago is about 2,500 miles away from the rest of the country. When tourists... Read More »

What is a casual cocktail dress?

Some cocktail parties are casual gatherings of friends in a living room or by a swimming pool. For such occasions, a traditional cocktail dress would be overkill, and a casual dress is entirely app... Read More »