What is cast aluminum?

Answer Aluminum is cast by injecting molten aluminum into two or more molds. The molds create an internal void that is the negative shape of the object being cast. This method creates a strong finished ob... Read More »

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What Is Cast Aluminum Cookware?

More than half of all cookware is made of aluminum, but the material is coated in a surface that alters and hardens the surface of the aluminum. In spite of concerns about the ingestion of aluminum... Read More »

Properties of Cast Aluminum?

Cast aluminum is a specific type of metal, usually an alloy, that has formed and tempered through casting. Casting is a process in which hot, liquid metal is poured into a shaped die, mold or sand ... Read More »

How to Polish Cast Aluminum?

In their natural state, cast aluminum parts are relatively rough, with a flat silver finish. Aluminum parts, whether they're on a car, a motorcycle or something else entirely, can benefit greatly f... Read More »

Can die cast aluminum be unfinished?

Die cast aluminum is made by injecting melted aluminum into a hardened steel die under pressure. Many products using die cast aluminum are available unfinished or finished. Unfinished die cast alum... Read More »