What is carpet quality and density?

Answer Carpet quality is determined by a combination of six factors: fiber, pile, twists, stitching, durability weighting and face weight. These factors are all directly related to the carpet's density.Ca... Read More »

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How much is the range of weft density in a carpet?

How is width density described in Carpet In woven carpet that is called Pitch & In tufted carpet it is called "gauge" Pitch is the number of rows across 27" of weft.. so a 180 Pitch would have 180 ... Read More »

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpet?

Is the state of your carpet really getting to you? Here are some tips and instructions to help keep it from getting to the point of no return.

Quality of Builder's Grade Carpet?

Builder's grade carpeting is included within the price of the majority of new home flooring surfaces. Knowing the differences between builder's grade carpet and other carpeting will help you select... Read More »

Does the quality of carpet padding make a difference?

On One Hand: Carpet Padding Quality MattersThe quality of carpet padding will make a difference both under your feet and in the longevity of your carpet. Density and thickness are two factors to co... Read More »