What is carob made of?

Answer Commonly used as a substitute for chocolate or coffee, carob comes from the carob tree, specifically its pods and seeds. The pods are finely ground into flours for baking or making chocolate treats... Read More »

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What is carob spice?

Carob spice is a powder made from the pods of the evergreen carob tree. Sometimes used as chocolate alternative in health foods, carob spice can be used in sweets like carrot cake, and in sauces an... Read More »

What is in carob chips?

Carob chips contain carob powder, which is made from the fruit of the Mediterranean carob tree. Carob chips are commonly substituted for chocolate chips, but carob chips do not have the same intens... Read More »

What Is Carob Bean Gum?

Carob bean gum comes from the carob (locust) tree, Ceratonia siliqua, a large leguminous evergreen originating in the countries of the Mediterranean. The tree is now grown widely in warm climates, ... Read More »

What is carob powder?

Carob powder is mainly used as a substitute for chocolate in dessert recipes. It comes from the carob tree that produces naturally sweet pods that are roasted and grounded into a fine powder.Histor... Read More »