What is carob made of?

Answer Commonly used as a substitute for chocolate or coffee, carob comes from the carob tree, specifically its pods and seeds. The pods are finely ground into flours for baking or making chocolate treats... Read More »

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How to Use Carob?

Carob has lost favour in recent years as the health message on eating chocolate has triumphed. However, carob still provides a non-caffeine and usually sugar-free alternative to chocolate that some... Read More »

How to Make Hot Carob?

Not everyone can enjoy hot chocolate, for one reason or another. Still, it is possible to get a similar enjoyable taste by making hot carob.

Does carob have cholesterol?

Yes, carob has cholesterol in it. An 87 g serving of the chocolate substitute contains 1 mg of cholesterol. This makes up less than 1 percent of carob a person should eat if they are on a 2,000 cal... Read More »

What Is Carob Bean Gum?

Carob bean gum comes from the carob (locust) tree, Ceratonia siliqua, a large leguminous evergreen originating in the countries of the Mediterranean. The tree is now grown widely in warm climates, ... Read More »