Should i do cardio or not?

Answer Your somatype has nothing to do with your metabolism. And all healthy people should get some kind of regular aerobic activity whether it's exercise or sport or dancing or whatever. If you're an ect... Read More »

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How much cardio is necessary to burn fat?

Your body is actually burning fat for calories all the time so it's not really a question of how much cardio is needed to burn fat. The real question is how much cardio is needed for maximum fat bu... Read More »

Is kickboxing cardio?

Kickboxing is considered cardio, meaning a workout will improve your cardiovascular system. Kickboxing classes often include kicking, punching, jumping, bobbing and weaving, all of which keeps your... Read More »

How to Add Cardio to Your Workout?

Cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercise, is motion that increases your heart rate and breathing rate. Doctors suggest between 150 and 175 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise per week, or 75 mi... Read More »

Cardio Exercises at the Gym?

Cardiovascular exercises are designed to engage the muscles for a long period of time and help burn calories, supply oxygen to the muscles and strengthen the heart. There are many forms of cardiova... Read More »