How to Take a Card Counting Trip?

Answer Did you see the movie 21? Well this article will tell you how to beat Vegas just like MIT.

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How to Perform the Counting Up Card Trick?

Effect:The magician selects a volunteer from the audience and lets him/her select a card. The magician then shuffles the deck and asks what the spectator's favorite number is. Let's say it's five. ... Read More »

How to Do a Card Trick That Is As Simple As Counting to 13?

This will tell you how to do a easy card trick that I the maker of the trick doesn't even understand. Now get 52 playing cards and let's get started.

What was the first counting machine?

The first counting machine was called the Pascaline and was invented in 1642. Blaise Pascal created the counting machine, a wooden box in which gears were turned to display numbers. The Pascaline c... Read More »

ABC Counting Games?

As children learn, certain concepts serve as the building blocks for more complex ideas. Two concepts that will set up your child for future success are the ABCs, or the alphabet, and learning how ... Read More »