How is caramel candy made?

Answer Americans have enjoyed caramel candy since the mid-1600s. Though chefs often adjust traditional caramel recipes to accommodate personal preferences, the standard formula combines simple ingredients... Read More »

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How are caramel apples made?

While caramel apple recipes and cooking techniques can vary to accommodate personal preferences, the traditional procedure remains fairly simple. Chefs cover fresh apples with heated caramel, then ... Read More »

Will my home-made caramel get thicker in the fridge; if not, how to get it thicker?

Did you have it on a rolling boil for long enough? It should start to thicken quite a lot while it's cooking. If your not sure put it back in the saucepan and continue cooking it. I wouldn't put f... Read More »

What is the origin of caramel apples?

A Kraft employee, a salesman by the name of Dan Walker, dipped an apple into a pot of the company's melted caramel chews to create the first known caramel apple. Walker first tried his idea in the ... Read More »

What is caramel color in foods?

Caramel color is the most popular food color additive in the world, according to Sethness Caramel Color. Manufacturers enjoy its use as it does little to alter the flavor of a product.IngredientsMa... Read More »