What is car undercoating?

Answer Undercoating is a thick layer of an asphalt-based waterproof substance that you can apply to the undercarriage of your car to muffle road noise and protect the car from moisture.Source:Merriam-Webs... Read More »

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DIY Undercoating?

Undercoating is a thick, tarlike substance that is sprayed on the bottom of a car. While undercoating helps prevent rust, its primary purpose is to deaden the noise from rocks and other road debris... Read More »

Undercoating Tips?

The topic of automobile undercoating has become highly contentious. Many believe that today's cars come from the factory with all the rust-proofing and noise insulation you will ever need, while ot... Read More »

Undercoating Tools?

Undercoating is simply defined as the substance applied to the bottom of a car to reduce sound emissions and rusting. Undercoating will, of course, prevent rust but only if the car is brand new. If... Read More »

How to Spray Asphalt Undercoating?

For those looking to protect the underside of their vehicle, a rubberized asphalt undercoating is an effective method for preventing corrosion and deadening the sound of material thrown up by the t... Read More »