What is car insurance fraud?

Answer Auto insurance fraud refers to an attempt by an individual to fake a car accident, auto accident injury or any other event that will allow them to receive funds from the insurance company in an unt... Read More »

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How to Detect Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud occurs when an insured person presents a fake or exaggerated claim to his insurance company in hopes of receiving payments he's not entitled to. When fraud goes undetected, it thr... Read More »

What is health insurance fraud?

Health-care insurance fraud is a criminal offense with serious implications for everyone. According to a 2009 Thomson Reuters report, 19 percent of the $600 billion to $850 billion wasted annually ... Read More »

What is auto insurance fraud?

Auto insurance fraud is an attempt by a driver or passenger to illegally obtain a claims payment from an auto insurance company. In most states, auto insurance fraud is a felony. Today, criminals a... Read More »

How to Report Insurance Fraud?

There are two different motivations behind wanting to know how to report insurance fraud. The first is if you are wanting to turn an insurance company in for an act of fraud against consumers. The ... Read More »