What is capo used for with a guitar?

Answer A capo (short for capotasto) is a device used to alter the key of the music being played while allowing the player to use the chords of another key.What is a capo?A capo is a clamping device that i... Read More »

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What does a guitar capo do?

A guitar capo raises the pitch of unfretted strings by clamping them at the neck of the guitar. By manipulating the capo, a guitarist is able to change the key and pitch of those unfretted strings ... Read More »

How to Use a Guitar Capo?

A capo is an indispensable tool in any guitarist's toolkit, which is why learning how to use a guitar capo is important. This compact, simple tool allows you to instantly change the key of your gui... Read More »

How does a guitar capo work?

A guitar capo is a clamp-like device used to transpose the pitch of the strings of a guitar. The word "capo" is short for capotasto, meaning "head of fretboard."FunctionA guitarist would use a capo... Read More »

What year was the guitar capo invented?

The first guitar capo was developed in the mid-1700s and was a simple, bent piece of brass. Formed in a C-shape, the brass covered a fret in order to shorten the strings and produce a different sou... Read More »