What is capacitance a measure of?

Answer Capacitance is the measure of an object's ability to hold an electrical charge. A larger capacitance means the object can store more energy. Capacitance is measured in units of farads; 1 farad is e... Read More »

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How to Measure Capacitance?

Capacitance is the measure of how much electrical energy is stored in an object, such as a capacitor used in an electronic circuit. The unit for measuring capacitance is the farad, defined as 1 cou... Read More »

How Rare are Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) Players?

They are extremely rare......... but whether that makes them desirable or valuable is a different question. CED layers crop up quite frequently on Ebay. Condition determines price. Recent sales ran... Read More »

What happened to the equivalent capacitance when you added additional capacitors in series or parallel?

Capacitance in series ie 50mfd and 50mfd gives you 25mfd where asin parallel a 50mfd and a 50 mfd give you 100mfd.Just the opposite of resistance.

Is it possible to simply replace the oscillator on a small toy eaves dropping device with a different frequency or do all the resistance and capacitance values have to be changed?

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