What is canine Cushing's disease?

Answer Canine Cushing's disease is an illness that frequently affects middle-aged or older dogs. Its symptoms progress slowly, and often dog owners mistake the disease for a normal aging process. Cushing'... Read More »

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Confused about cushings disease?

The outcome depends partly on the cause. When its caused by a tumor, removing the tumor usually solves the problem permanently and you never get any obvious symptoms. When its not caused by a tum... Read More »

Are hiccups a symptom of Cushings disease in dogs?

Cushing's disease is often mistaken for the aging process in older dogs. Symptoms will mirror the aging process and can be confusing for the pet owner. If you suspect your dog has Cushing's disease... Read More »

What is canine Addison's disease?

Addison's disease affects dogs of all ages. Although the disease is not fatal, it can have serious repercussions unless controlled through medication.The FactsCanine Addison's disease, or hypoadren... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Canine Liver Disease?

Canine liver disease can be a very serious condition. There are many possible treatment options, and knowing all of them will help you to better decide how to take care of the problem.