What is cane syrup?

Answer While sugar cane is cultivated and used to refine crystalline table sugar, there is another less-well-known product made from the plant: pure cane syrup. This thick, rich and aromatic syrup is part... Read More »

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Is dehydrated cane syrup sugar?

Naturally sweetened by cane juice… It sounds so nice. It's very natural and healthy sounding. Kind of gives me warm fuzzies and makes me want to type little emoticon smiley faces like this one J.... Read More »

Is pure cane sugar healthier to consue than high fructose corn syrup If so, what are the differences?

Oh, you can talk about the details quite a bit - but you're pretty much nit-picking -- your body will hardly be able to tell the difference between sugar, corn syrup and honey. sugar is mostly suc... Read More »

Does cane syrup have to be refrigerated after opening?

Refrigerating cane syrup after opening keeps the flavor longer and prevents mold growth. If the syrup develops crystals, place it in warm water until the crystals go into solution. Do not allow the... Read More »

What flavor ice cream is made when mixing chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup?

While there is no specific ice-cream flavor created by mixing chocolate and strawberry syrup, the most popular ice-cream dish involving these two syrups is the banana split. When mixing the two syr... Read More »