What do you called blood cancer?

Answer (m)Leukemia: A cancer of the bone marrow that is characterized by the abnormal growth of white blood cells.

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Liver Cancer Stage 3 blood test .. Oncologist or nurse or liver cancer survivor?

Personality changes are not symptoms of liver cancer and no doctor would advise any diagnostics for liver cancer based on personality changes. For more about about liver cancer and its symptoms, d... Read More »

Can your blood tell doctors that u have cancer?

Some types of cancer can be diagnosed this way, such as lukemia. However, most cancers have to be diagnosed by taking a biopsy of the tissue of the suspect area.

Is there any treatment for blood cancer in children?

Yes. The most common kind of cancer in children is a type of leukemia called ALL, and the survival rate is over 90% when treated. Treatment involves several years of chemotherapy.

What are the signs&symptoms of blood cancer?

There are a variety of symptoms that mark the most common type of blood cancer, leukemia, and they depend on where abnormal cells are amassing in the body.TypesThe most common types of blood cancer... Read More »