What is called a baby that is born too early?

Answer When a baby has been born too early it is called a premature baby.

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How do you make a baby born early?

You don't. And shouldn't. If there is true medical need to deliver early, your attending physician will either try to induce labor with certain drugs, or will schedule a Caesarean Section surgery.

What is the placenta called after baby is born?

the placenta is called an afterbirth after the baby is born

If a baby is born premature is it early or is it late?

Pre = beforeIt is earlyPre-mature babies (that are born earlier than normal) are much smaller and weigh less than those who are born on time, or late.

What is it called when a baby is born without blood?

Dead. Or at the very least, sets the human race up for extermination by zombies. They don't need blood, but it tastes good to them.