What is calcium oxalate?

Answer Calcium and oxalic acid are present in many familiar foods. The two substances combine to form calcium oxalate, not a problem for most healthy people. However, those with a predisposition to kidney... Read More »

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How to Dissolve Calcium Oxalate?

Calcium oxalate is an ionic compound with the chemical formula CaC2O4 and a salt of oxalic acid. It's highly insoluble and dissolves poorly in water. One method for dissolving calcium oxalate in th... Read More »

Definition of Calcium Oxalate Crystals?

Calcium oxalate crystals are small crystals that form when calcium and oxalate or calcium and phosphate combine in the urine to form an insoluble complex, called a kidney stone, in the bladder. Kid... Read More »

Is raphide crystal calcium oxalate in vacuoles?

Vacuoles are an organelle that every plant species and some animal species as well have on a cellular level. Calcium oxalate raphide crystals are found in vacuoles inside a specialized type of cell... Read More »

Is raphide crystal the calcium oxalate in vacuoles?

No, raphide crystal is not the calcium oxalate in vacuoles. Ca-oxalate raphide crystal can be observed in the root tips of some plants. Vacoules do exist within the ca-oxalate raphide crystals, but... Read More »