What is calcium hydroxide?

Answer Calcium hydroxide, or hydrated lime, should not come into contact with your skin or be consumed, according to the National Institutes of Health. Calcium hydroxide is a powder that is created when y... Read More »

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What is calcium (redirected from calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide) ?

cal·ci·um (kls-m) n. Symbol Ca A silvery, moderately hard metallic element that constitutes approximately 3 percent of the earth's crust and is a basic component of most animals and plants. It o... Read More »

What is calcium hydroxide also known as?

Calcium hydroxide, a powdery substance used in making cement, plaster and many construction products, is commonly known as slaked lime. The chemical is also called calcium hydrate, hydrated lime, l... Read More »

Is calcium hydroxide a compound?

A molecule of calcium hydroxide consists of one calcium ion and two hydroxide anions (each of which consists of one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom). Since it is composed of more than one chemica... Read More »

Hazards of Calcium Hydroxide?

Calcium hydroxide, commonly referred to as hydrated or slaked lime, is a chemical used in many industries, often for neutralizing acids. It is also used as a prime ingredient in mortar and plaster,... Read More »