What is cable program?

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Can you record a cable program on your VCR if your cable is run to the TV without a cable box?

Yes, you can as long as you have the coax cable connected to the VCR first and then to your TV. Some TVs have RCA A/V outputs also and you can connect a VCR to them. Even better is to use the RCA ... Read More »

What is the cable codes to program the sentry really big remote?

Page 21 of the product manual lists some but the Cox Motorla model is not listed.

What is the cable code to program the sentry really big remote for a pace its not listed?

Around 1960, based on this (bottom of the page):

How to Program a Suddenlink Cable Remote?

Suddenlink is a broadband cable television company that offers a variety of remotes that can be programmed to all of your living room electronic components. The Suddenlink cable remote can be progr... Read More »