What is buying stocks or shares?

Answer Investing in stocks is a responsible thing to do for financial security, especially if you start early. However, stocks do carry the potential for great loss.IdentificationBuying stocks or shares m... Read More »

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Stocks & Shares Tutorial?

Owning stock or shares in a company means that you are a partial owner of it. With tens of thousands of stocks of publicly trade companies available to purchase, deciding which one is worth buying ... Read More »

How do stocks&shares work?

Companies use shares of stock to raise money for future investments, according to They sell parts of their stock, or "shares," to people or companies that think their company is a wi... Read More »

Why should i invest in stocks and shares?

Investors buy stocks to build long-term wealth, in step with the general economy. Identify the basic concepts of corporate finance prior to putting money to work in stocks.IdentificationCorporation... Read More »

How do I trade stocks in blocks of 100 shares?

Trading Stock in 100-Share LotsHave an established trading account, or open an account at a brokerage firm, online firm or discount trading house. Research your investment choices. Have funds in th... Read More »