What is buying power in day trading?

Answer The amount of money a day trader has access to is not limited to the amount of money in his brokerage account. Brokerages offer traders access to additional funds to increase the buying power that ... Read More »

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What is consumer buying power?

Consumer buying or purchasing power measures what consumers can buy with their money, according to High Beam Research. Tied to the Consumer Price Index, which compiles monthly data on prices that c... Read More »

What's eye power- Buying colored contact lenses?

"eye power" has nothing to do with the color level of the contacts, that is the corrective power (and it probably has negative numbers too). If you only want them for changing eye color (don't need... Read More »

Help for buying a cheap power supply for desktop pc..?

You are SCARING me. I did the conversion, and the web site says that 1000 rs is about 18 USD. Ouch. At that rate, you need to up your budget to at LEAST 3000 rs to get something decent, and you ... Read More »

The Buying Power of Minimum Wage in Canada?

Minimum wage is the lowest pay rate that employers can pay to workers covered by legislation. Each province and territory in Canada legislates the minimum wage through the Employment Standards Act.... Read More »