What is buying down points on a mortgage?

Answer When you apply for a mortgage loan you may have to pay points. Once the bank determines your interest rate you can have your rate lowered by purchasing discount points. Paying points is called buyi... Read More »

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Will Buying a New Car Affect My Ability to Get a Mortgage?

The primary factors that lenders consider when qualifying consumers for a mortgage loan are credit rating, annual income, monthly debt and amount of down payment. Buying a new car can affect your a... Read More »

What Influences People When Buying a Mortgage?

Buying a mortgage is a very important financial step for individuals -- few people create a larger single debt than a primary mortgage to purchase a house. These also tend to be the debts that can ... Read More »

Points to keep in mind for buying a DSLR?

Knowing what a DSLR is, and not confusing it with bridge or EVIL types.Whether or not you actually need a DSLR.There are manufacturers other than Nikon and Canon (many point to the sales of these t... Read More »

How much will the mortgage rate decrease with buying a point?

Buying one point will usually decrease the mortgage interest rate by about 0.25 percent. Each point costs 1 percent of the loan, and lenders usually offer borrowers the option to purchase up to fou... Read More »