What is buttermilk made of?

Answer Modern cultured buttermilk is made from low-fat or skim milk which is fermented with starter bacteria to produce lactic acid. Cultured buttermilk is thicker than traditional buttermilk, which is th... Read More »

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What is the origin of buttermilk?

Churning butter produces buttermilk as a byproduct of the process. Buttermilk was the liquid remaining in the churn after removal of the solid butter. Modern buttermilk is a different product made ... Read More »

What is buttermilk used for?

Buttermilk is used in cooking. It can also be consumed as a beverage, like regular milk. In recipes, it is used as the base for dressings and in many baked goods. Its chemical components help creat... Read More »

What is the composition of buttermilk?

In days when butter was churned by hand, buttermilk was the liquid byproduct produced during the churning process. Modern buttermilk sold in grocery stores is made by adding lactic acid culture to ... Read More »

What is buttermilk baking mix?

The addition of buttermilk adds zip to plain pancakes or boring biscuits. Rejoice, you don't need to worry about baking the day away to use up that liquid buttermilk. Buttermilk powder takes thos... Read More »