What is business class air travel?

Answer Business class air travel refers to a category of airfare that provides passengers with more room and premium amenities. It is more expensive than economy but less expensive than first class.Histor... Read More »

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Who can travel in business class?

Business class was created for passengers traveling for business purposes. This section of service offers accommodations that are not as lavish as in first class, but more luxurious than coach. Bus... Read More »

Federal Business Class Travel Regulations?

Federal spending is a subject most of us have strong opinions about. Especially in regard to past exposures citing $1,000.00 hammers and $10,000.00 toilet seats. The Federal government however, doe... Read More »

Business Activity for a 9th Grade Business Class?

Business is a commercial activity in which people engage to make a profit. In the ninth grade, students need to know the types of businesses -- such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, listed an... Read More »

What Is First-Class Air Travel?

First-class air travel is distinguished from economy or tourist class travel and business travel by a higher level of service and comfort and a much higher price tag. Perks that are unavailable or ... Read More »