Who plays the lead CIA agent in Burn After Reading?

Answer The CIA was created in 1947 to replace the WWII OSS, as it was now the Cold War, and correct intelligence information was essential in maintaining the security of the US Curiously, it was signed i... Read More »

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What Thoughts Should a Reader Have After Reading an Essay?

Topics are as varied as the people who write essays. Therefore there isn't one or more specific idea that you should have about any particular essay. Instead, essays need to be read with an analyti... Read More »

What do you do after you burn your finger?

cold water is the best/only first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the tap and no less. NEVER ice OR vinegar OR milk OR butter OR green tea OR mustard OR toothpaste OR sunscreen OR sem... Read More »

What is the highest blood sugar reading you have ever had after taking it yourself?

Hey FrogButt, (gee, what a great visual...) Any way, my highest was 426 right after lunch the day I had my training session on the meter. From dinner on I knew how to eat properly, so the numbers q... Read More »

How soon after a burn would i know what degree it is>?

Within a couple of hours. A blister will form if it is a second degree burn. Sometimes the skin just turns white (dead) and sluffs off.