What is burgundy wine?

Answer Burgundy is a geographical area located in the eastern part of France. Known for numerous varieties of top-rated wine, both award-winning red and white wines are produced in this area.About Burgund... Read More »

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Is burgundy a wine?

Burgundy is an Anglicized form of the French "Bourgogne." The term refers to both a region in eastern France as well as the wine produced there (Vin de Bourgogne). "Burgundy wine" can be either red... Read More »

Is Burgundy Wine Better Out of the Refrigerator?

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Special Effects of Burgundy Wine?

The popular Burgundy wines receive their name from the region in eastern France where they're made. This kind of wine requires a special kind of care to reach the preferred maturity state. Other sp... Read More »

Does anyone have a Spaghetti sauce recipe made with burgundy wine ?

kinda odd... to make something italian-based with a wine thats french-basedbut there are a few:BURGUNDY SPAGHETTI SAUCE 1 lb. ground beef1 egg1/4 c. dry bread crumbs1 tsp. salt1/8 tsp. pepper1/8 t... Read More »