What is bulk mailing?

Answer Bulk mailing allows you to send large quantities of documents or packages at discount postage rates through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS has specific requirements that you must... Read More »

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How to Create Bulk Mailing Permit Stamps?

Bulk mail allows businesses to deliver information to a lot of people at more economical rates than normal mail. Bulk mail permit holders print large quantities of identical mail with what is known... Read More »

What are bulk semiconductors?

Bulk semiconductors are a necessary element in the commercial production of electronic devices. Essentially, they are materials that can be produced or manufactured on a large scale for the purpose... Read More »

What is bulk modulus?

In fluid mechanics, bulk modulus is a term used to define the compressibility of a fluid. Uniform external pressure is applied to the fluid to determine its bulk modulus.SignificanceApplied pressur... Read More »

What is bulk zoning?

County, city and municipal governments control land use and development by the use of zoning laws. Bulk zoning is a way to control density. Bulk zoning laws regulate building setback requirements, ... Read More »