What are the causes of bulimia?

Answer Bulimia (nervosa) is a serious eating disorder characterized by "binging and purging" behavior, in which an affected person eats an unhealthy amount of food and then induces vomiting or purges thro... Read More »

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when i was bulimic i asked my mom to take me to a therapist. i went and told my therapist, i asked him to tell my mom which he did, we cried and went home and she didnt do anything basically becuse... Read More »

Its not bulimia right?

That's bulimia. You are not bulimic, you are just currently suffering from bulimia - it doesn't define who you are. The real question is: Why do you purge everything you eat?

I need bulimia facts?

I have bulimia and generally purge as soon as possible after eating. However, I found that after I had bulimia for awhile, the food seemed to take longer to digest, so a few hours later I could pur... Read More »

Why does Sam say she loves bulimia!?

I was wondering the same thing! Some say Sam suffers from bulimia, but it doesn't seem so..but maybe. But in the book there's nothing about it, maybe it was just an irrelevant comment.