What is budding and grafting in artificial vegetative propagation?

Answer budding:it is also a kind of grafting but here a bud is used instead of twig.a bud is transplanted on the stock plant from which the rest of the shoot is removed. grafting:in the plants transplanta... Read More »

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How do i do vegetative propagation on a onion?

To get it to root, just plant it like you would an onion set! Stick it in some soil, flat (root) part down. Water, a little food (I would use Miracle Gro for vegetables, but thats just me!) a lit... Read More »

Method of vegetative propagation of a potato?

You may read the below web pages,…

What is artificial propagation?

Propagation carried out by man and not naturally.

What's the difference between being in a coma and being in a vegetative state?

There are different stages of comas and vegetative states are less serious I guess, but instead of asking a bunch unaccredited no-nothings on a sketchy website you should go to something more credi... Read More »