Why do my sweet bell peppers have brown spots?

Answer Brown spots on peppers can be caused by a number of sources that often also affect tomatoes and eggplants. No matter which disease is affecting the crop, it can affect a large portion of the fruit ... Read More »

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What instrument sounds like a train horn?

The instrument that makes the sound of a train horn is called the train whistle. There are several different types of train whistle. Some make a simple whistling sound, while others imitate the dee... Read More »

Why is my laptop sounds like a Boeing 747.....what should do to stop it?

--***ONE THING BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF NOW***---(Though my guess is you already have, as you don't seem to be a noob)I'm getting that it wasn't always like this ... Analysis point by point:Thi... Read More »

What is a medical word for infant that sounds like pikipnic?

Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

What song is featured in the latest ABC Family commercials and sounds like Maroon 5?

The song you are probably referring to is called High by James Blunt.