What is ball&broom on ice called?

Answer There are two sports played on ice that utilize brooms and balls: curling and broomball. Curling is a sport in which granite balls are slid across an ice rink using brooms to guide the balls toward... Read More »

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What does jumping the broom mean?

"Jumping the broom" is a wedding ritual from African-American slaves and still survives in some places of the American South. The custom involves the couple jumping a broom, which the family is hol... Read More »

How to Use a Broom in Witchcraft?

A broom in modern Witchcraft is a symbol of cleansing, banishing, and fertility not a form of transportation. The tradition of broomsticks began in West European fertility rites. People rode around... Read More »

Broom & Mop Storage?

Storing your brooms and mops properly will extend their usefulness and make it easier to pick one up and clean your room. Ideally your storage area should hold only the items you need. Try not to c... Read More »

How to Use a Fire Broom?

Fire brooms are critical tools used to prevent the spread of wildfire blazes. Forest fire crews use fire brooms on a regular basis. Forest fire crews are led by a trailblazer. The trailblazer deter... Read More »