How to Get a Bresnan Email Address?

Answer Bresnan is an Internet provider, therefore to obtain a Bresnan e-mail address one must apply for Bresnan's Internet connection packages. However, to access your Bresnan e-mail account, you must be ... Read More »

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Are there articles about this during the Apollo XIII debacle two reporters were allowed into communications and control rooms to hear the uncensored communications from NASA to Apollo XIII?

bail and punishment (1791)excessive bail not be used, nor excessive fines imposed. no cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

What is a communications protocol?

According to the University of Aberdeen's School of Engineering, a communications protocol sets the parameters for transmitting pieces of data among various nodes in a network. The data blocks are ... Read More »

Cox communications.. what do you think of my idea?

I thought Glacierkid loved Cox too..hmmm...perhaps you are being coxblocked?

What is the meaning of TCP/IP communications protocol?

The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) communication protocol is a set of rules and regulations defined primarily for transferring data among different nodes and networks in a... Read More »