What is breast letdown?

Answer If you are a nursing mother and aren't in the vicinity of your baby when she's ready to eat, you will probably experience letdown and will have wet spots of milk on your bra or shirt to show for it... Read More »

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If you felt a letdown when you haven't breastfed in 9 months is it a symptom of pregnancy?

AnswerNo I don't believe so.I'm quite sure (but not 100%) that some women have hormonal changes mid-cycle that can induce mucus or dishcarge from the nipples, especicially if you have what they cal... Read More »

What is the difference between breast tenderness when pregnant and breast tenderness from PMS?

After having a breast reduction if pregnant would your breast be sore?

Probably yes, from what I have heard, they get sore anyway, and if you had surgery on them that could cause more pain.

Having serious breast pain while fighting breast cancer, normal or not?

Does she definitely have breast cancer? What kind of breast cancer? How far into her treatment is she? If she is experiencing breast pain then her oncologist needs to know and they can tell her ... Read More »