What is bread pudding?

Answer Bread is often associated with savory dishes, sandwiches and dinner entrees. However, for centuries this baked good has also been used to create a dessert pudding. Bread may seem like an unlikely i... Read More »

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Can I use potato bread to make bread pudding?

There are bread pudding recipes that specify that potato bread or potato rolls be used in place of white bread. There are also Cajun-inspired recipes that call for French bread and sweet potatoes w... Read More »

How to Make Bread Pudding With Challah Bread?

Bread pudding is a dessert that makes use of day-old, slightly stale bread. Learn how to make bread pudding with challah bread for a slightly rich pudding that you can serve for dessert or breakfas... Read More »

Can you freeze bread pudding?

You cannot freeze bread pudding because of the eggs it contains in this particular form. This also applies to custard. Eggs become highly perishable and potentially hazardous to your health due to ... Read More »

How to Make Hot Bread Pudding?

A staple dessert in many places where the need to make the most of bread that's going stale lead to the creation of a tasty treat.