What is breach IN PREGNANCY?

Answer Answer when the baby comes out feet or bum first and not head first as is usual

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What is a breach of settlement?

A breach of settlement is when one party fails to abide by the requirements specified in the contract they signed when a civil suit was dropped. A breach of contract could be held against either a ... Read More »

What is the statute of limitations on breach of contract in california?

When the statue of limitations has passed a creditor can no longer pursue legal action, when a contract is breached, to collect a debt. The time frame for the statue of limitations in California wi... Read More »

What constitutes a breach of confidentiality in federal employment law?

It's common for businesses to have access to their employees' personal information, such as their home address and medical history. According to the Employment Law Information Network federal law d... Read More »

What is the largest credit card breach in history?

In 2008, a data breach occured at Heartland Payment Systems that security experts said could have compromised "tens of millions" of credit card transactions, making it the largest breach ever. In 2... Read More »