What is brainstorming?

Answer Before the early 1900s, the term "brainstorm" was defined as momentary mental insanity. In the 1920s the meaning reversed to define a type of epiphany or mental ingenuity, but it wasn't until the 1... Read More »

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Brainstorming Tools for Mac?

To make sure that an idea is fully fleshed out, it can be useful to sit down with your computer for a brainstorming session. While many brainstorming programs are built for the PC alone, there are ... Read More »

The Advantages of Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a creative process that can be undertaken individually but is mainly used in a group setting. It is used to work through ideas to find a solution to a problem or situation. It is a... Read More »

How to Use Brainstorming in the Classroom?

Brainstorming was developed in 1939 by Alex Osborn, a partner in an advertising agency. Frustrated by his colleagues' inability to develop creative ideas, Osborn invented the brainstorming techniqu... Read More »

Types of Brainstorming Techniques?

Brainstorming is directly linked to some of the most popular products or ideas. Brainstorming can happen in many different ways, but the overall idea is the same. The purpose of brainstorming is to... Read More »