What does single barrel bourbon mean?

Answer Bourbon is an American-made whiskey produced in the Eastern states, most often Kentucky, according to American University, and it was first created in the 1700s after the Irish first brought whiske... Read More »

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What alcohol should my friend drink tonight (no beer, no rum, no bourbon)?

Besides ginger and bourbon, what are some good anti-inflammatory foods and supplements?

Strong cinnamon can be helpful to digestion.I use an easily available commercial brand packed by McCormick spices. They call it "Saigon Cinnamon."I use it to flavor chicken, pork, rice and oatmeal... Read More »

Bourbon Purity Law?

There is a common, if incorrect, myth that bourbon is not bourbon unless it is produced in Kentucky. Although Kentucky is strongly associated with bourbon consumption, it does not have a monopoly. ... Read More »

Does bourbon bottle age?

Bourbon does not age in the bottle. Once the distiller bottles the bourbon, the spirit ceases to age and will taste the same regardless of when it is enjoyed. Some spirits besides bourbon will on... Read More »