Bourbon Purity Law?

Answer There is a common, if incorrect, myth that bourbon is not bourbon unless it is produced in Kentucky. Although Kentucky is strongly associated with bourbon consumption, it does not have a monopoly. ... Read More »

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How do I know if I'm getting enough bourbon in my diet?

Funny how your question brought out the alcoholics here in R&S.'And Lo! in seeing it true, I of the faithful went to minister to the imbibed,and upon seeing the filth of the imbibed, and smelling t... Read More »

Does bourbon bottle age?

Bourbon does not age in the bottle. Once the distiller bottles the bourbon, the spirit ceases to age and will taste the same regardless of when it is enjoyed. Some spirits besides bourbon will on... Read More »

Where is bourbon made?

Bourbon, named after its birthplace of Bourbon County, Kentucky can be made anywhere in the United States. However, distillers are primarily based out of Kentucky, the only state that is allowed to... Read More »

Are bourbon&whiskey the same thing?

Although both beverages are similar, there are differences. Bourbon tends to have a higher percentage of corn in its grain mix and is aged in new, charcoal-lined oak barrels, while whiskey has less... Read More »