What is boot camp like in the army?

Answer One of the most intimidating experiences for anyone who's recently joined the armed forces is basic training, or boot camp. This grueling nine-week course shapes raw recruits into real soldiers.Boo... Read More »

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What is boot camp in the Army like?

Army boot camp, also known as Basic Combat Training (BCT), is a nine-week program designed to sharpen the physical, mental, and emotional skills of a new army recruit to make him battle-ready.Locat... Read More »

What is an army boot camp?

A army bott camp is where everyone joinsthe army

What is Army boot camp graduation called?

Graduation from Army "boot camp" is called simply that--graduation. Incidentally, it is not actually boot camp--boot camp is for the Marines. In the Army, it is called basic combat training, or BCT... Read More »

What happens the last week of army boot camp?

Army = Basic Combat Training, Marine Corps = Boot Camp Your last week, you'll take your final APFT, you'll receive your orders for AIT (unless you're in One Station Unit Training), and you'll basi... Read More »