What is boop lung treatment?

Answer BOOP is a serious lung condition; BOOP stands for bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia, and it can become fatal if left untreated for too long. Fortunately, there are treatments available.... Read More »

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What is the treatment for lung cancer?

Non-small-cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer are the main types of cancers found in the lungs. The treatment options depend on the type and stage of lung cancer.Surgery for Lung CancerLung... Read More »

How much does lung cancer treatment cost?

The cost of lung cancer treatment depends on the type of lung cancer (small cell lung cancer "SCLC" or non-small-cell lung cancer "NSCLC"); the grade/stage of the cancer; treatment methods and dura... Read More »

Sun Ginseng Treatment for Lung Cancer?

Western oncologists have begun to work complementary and alternative medicine, including herbal medicine, into their treatment protocols. Ginseng is a dietary supplement that Japanese and Korean re... Read More »

Advanced lung cancer, Have opted for NO treatment . WHY Just tired of living . Would?

My husband got diagnosed with lung cancer, he got chemo and radation and it spread. They suggested experiemental treatments, he said no. He has gone 4 months later.You have to decide for yourself.